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K-pop questions, put a number in my ask box and I'll answer it!

  1. 1. Your favorite group(s)?
  2. 2. Your bias?
  3. 3. Your favorite song?
  4. 4. Do you ship? So yeah, which pairing(s)?
  5. 5. Have you ever gone to a concert?
  6. 6. How long have you liked K-pop?
  7. 7. Favorite boyband?
  8. 8. Favorite girlgroup?
  9. 9. SMtown or YG entertainment?
  10. 10. How many K-pop songs do you have on your ipod/playlist?
  11. 11. Name 3 of your favorite songs sung by girlgroups.
  12. 12. Name 3 of your favorite songs sung by boybands.
  13. 13. Are you taller or shorter than your bias?
  14. 14. What's your favorite lyric?
  15. 15. Have you made fanart / written a fanfiction?
  16. 16. How much kpop merchandise do you have?
  17. 17. Do you have cons/meetings in your country, so yes, have you ever attended to one?
  18. 18. Eldest or maknae?
  19. 19. Whose birthday is close to yours?
  20. 20. Do you watch k-drama? So yes, which one is your favorite?
  21. 21. Selca?
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Looking for a challenge? Try singing Gee in your most manliest voice possible.


Challenge accepted.

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I hope that “jury of your peers” shit is real when it comes to the trial of the cop who killed Mike Brown. 

Ferguson is 70% Black. 

If there is a jury full of old white people like they normally are, I’m calling bullshit immediately. 


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I saw the story of Luis Rodriguez going around with the gory image of his dead body and thought his family likely wouldn’t appreciate his likeness posted around after what has been a truly horrific moment in their lives. So, here are the same informative tweets without the images.

May he rest in peace and may his family have justice.

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Georgian First Grader Beaten and Sexually Assaulted by Male Classmates…School Says Boys Just “Rough Housing”

Valdosta - Three first grade boys kept a female classmate outside after recess by hiding in the woods, pushing her face first into the ground. The victim, whose name is being withheld, has suffered scarring to the right side of her face from broken tree branches and rocks that she was allegedly assaulted with both physically and sexually.

The victim was able to escape the male classmates after fifteen minutes of torture, running into a fifth grade classroom and alerting a teacher of what had happened. The principle of the elementary school said he had a “man to man” talk with the boys and their parents, giving them two days of suspension. He neglected calling the local authorities claiming “it did not seem like a police matter, just simple rough housing gone a little too far”.

The parents of the victim are looking to press charges on the boys for sexual and physical assault, as well as a possible law suit against the school district. District superintendent was not available for comment. 

This is called rape culture you guys. The girl was 7 years old and they called it “rough housing” between boys.

Please boost this post! People NEED to hear about this.



(Source: CNN)

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The New Jim Crow

1. Ferguson, Missouri has a population of approximately 21,000 people — roughly 67% of those residents are Black

2. The Ferguson police department has around 53 commisioned officers —3 of them are Black

3. Ferguson had *zero* homicides for all of 2014 —until Michael Brown was murdered by Darrin Wilson

4. Things you should know: Five Myths About Black-on-Black Crime

5. Michael Brown was 18yrs old and was about to begin college. Brown had no criminal record, and despite the Ferguson PD’s smear campaign, Mike Brown PAID FOR the cigars —those facts are all important and should be known, but even if Brown was a high school dropout with prior arrests who stole the cigars, 1) it wouldn’t have made his life any less valuable, 2) we have a court system and those are not capital offenses and 3) it doesn’t change the fact that the cop who killed him, Darren Wilson, had no idea about Brown’s personal history when he executed Brown. Wilson saw only a Black teen deemed either “too uppity” or “suspicious” because of his skin color

6. Five examples: The Militarization of the police

7. It’s deeply Institutional: Police view Black Children As Less Innocent

8. This is Not the first time Ferguson’s police have been heavy handed with it’s Black residents  - Innocent Black man beaten by cops, then charged with bleeding on police officer’s uniforms

9. So please - don’t get it twisted

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Chaos in Ferguson. Sunday night, part 4

[part 1] [part 2] [part 3

Reminder that:

- no, this isn’t over;
- no, these aren’t from earlier in the week;
- no, everything isn’t alright now;
- no, the police haven’t stopped brutalizing peaceful protesters;
- no, police haven’t intervened to stop the looting;
- no, police haven’t responded to emergency 911 calls for people injured by rubber bullets or children hit by cars;
- no, michael brown’s shooter still has not faced any consequences for murdering an unarmed teenager 9 days ago

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